Marketing student seeking to optimize marketing in the visual and experiential dimensions.

22squared & Christine


Also called: seven lucky things I can bring to 22squared



I'm Christine, a senior at Georgia Tech studying marketing and business analytics. I’m an energetic, insight-driven, creative marketing student with a passion for transforming how brands communicate with people and bringing positive social change in imaginative, emotional, and accessible ways.

I’ve wanted to be a part of the 22squared team ever since an amazing meeting with a recruiter at an AMA Atlanta convention. I loved hearing about the team’s collaborative spirit, inventive approaches, and contagious passion.

As I learned more about your emotion-driven, human-centered, and compassionate approach to advertising and brand experiences, I couldn’t help but get excited to be part of the team, too.

To show you why I’d be a great fit at 22squared, here’s a convenient list of 7 things I’ve learned from my experiences and what I can bring as one of your next interns.


I've got an imaginative mind and an analytical eye.

I easily recognize patterns and turn data into idea fuel with creative strategies and actionable insights (comes with studying marketing at a tech school).

With that, my willingness to learn, and a solid understanding of digital marketing, I can contribute to the 22squared team from day one.



I'm always striving to learn.

Mom didn’t raise no quitter – she taught me to learn, learn, and learn.

It’s how I challenge myself and reinvent my approaches to problems. No matter the task, I seize every moment as a learning opportunity.


I’m all about progression.

I’m the person who challenges myself, embraces failure, learns from it, and continues creating. It’s what got me to start up my own branding design service in my freshman year – and it’s what I know I can bring as one of 22squared's interns.


I’ve got a knack for story-telling.

AKA transforming a not-so-interesting product into something that shines.

And with that also comes a handy ability to easily flow between writing press releases, e-mails, website copy, social media posts, and even code.



I listen, connect, and communicate.

I’ve always had a knack for communicating with people—the relaxed and the difficult alike—and I’d love to bring that skill to 22squared. Whether that’s through writing some fun copy for an article, chatting face-to-face, or talking on the phone about the next deadline.


I live for teamwork and collaboration.

As the VP of Marketing for the Georgia Tech Marketing Association, I drove positive change by leading with a human-centered approach: working shoulder-to-shoulder, building open communication, and rallying around a unified cause.



The intersection of creativity, data, and human emotion is my passion.

Wrapped around your finger,  butterflies in the tummy, golden and warm—that kind of passion!

There’s endless creative possibilities in marketing and advertising that I’m so excited to learn more about. I’d love for the opportunity to jump in, soak up all the knowledge I can, and use different mediums to make positive change and move people's hearts. And there’s no place I’d rather do that at than at 22squared!



I'm Christine. I'm an energetic and actively-involved leader and doer –pushing successful social media campaigns, creating insightful resources for other students, working on marketing strategies with a Fortune 500 company, and learning the heck out of these past four years.


Brand Marketing Intern for Paper Mate & Newell Brands

Social Media and Brand Marketing Lead for Georgia Tech Solar Home

Vice President of Marketing for Georgia Tech Marketing Association

Freelance Designer and Founder for Coi Studio, a self-run design and branding service for college students and grads


Has native English and Vietnamese fluency, basic to intermediate French skills, can count to 10 in Italian

Passionate about Rihanna, pop cultural criticism, and digital/tech accessibility

Self-taught in Adobe Photoshop, with over 11 years of experience (yes, I was playing with Photoshop in 5th grade)

12% through goal of watching one film from every country in the world


I want to contribute all the reasons I’ve listed above and more to help 22squared and your clients grow. I’d love to schedule an interview and talk more. I can’t wait to share my passion and what I can do with you!