I'm a 1) die-hard Rihanna fan, 2) film fanatic, and 3) self-proclaimed tea aficionado. I'm also a marketing student on a mission to make it exciting and unforgettable to fall in love with a brand. And I'm just getting started.



To spice up my answer to “what do you do?”, I’ve called myself many things other than the usual and somewhat generic “marketer”: communication strategist, content curator, brand builder, and maybe consumer mindreader once or twice. But, no matter what name I call it, the heart of what I do remains the same––I tell emotional, relevant, and accessible stories that connect with people.

It all started in my younger years, when I wrote HTML and CSS code for webpage layouts on a now-little known blogging platform called Xanga. 

Trying to be as popular as I could be (as all young middle schoolers do), I tested out ways to persuade people to use my designs over others, from publishing stories on the coding process to creating branded content on my blog posts.

It was then, I think, that I developed a love for storytelling and marketing. I'm talking 'bout that wrapped-around-your-finger, poetic metaphor, golden and warm kind of love. Because, even though it's called 'marketing', it's just sharing a story.

I was expected to pursue a path in a stable, lucrative field (read: something medical-related or engineering), but I knew I wanted to tell brands' stories and transform the ways they interact with people through content and the web.

I finally made the jump in college, head-first in the deep end,  and chose to study marketing at Georgia Tech––you know, a school known for computing and engineering. I might've confirmed to my conservative family that I was out of my mind, but I've only gotten more head-over-heels in love with what I do.

I’ve done some exciting work ever since, including some creatively challenging projects for student organizations, a marketing stint at a net-zero energy solar home, a brand marketing internship at a Fortune 500 company, and my new side-hustle, Coi Studio.

I’m all about progression and taking on new opportunities to learn more, especially in the digital marketing world. Feel free to take a peek at resume or say hi!



Now that you've read a little about who I am, how about exploring what I can do? Take a look at some of my work.